Required And Optional Car Insurance In Canada

Whether you drive a large truck, a minivan, two-door sedan, or a motorcycle, you will need car insurance. Each province in Canada requires a minimum level of coverage. You can also choose to add to your coverage to increase your protection. Here are the mandatory coverage plans and optional add-ons (these may vary slightly depending upon the province and insurance company): Required Liability This form of insurance is the most basic available.

3 Easy Ways To Lower Insurance Rates

Have you ever stopped to think that you are paying too much on your auto insurance premium? If so, there is a good chance that you could be, especially if you haven't taken the time to find ways to lower your monthly premium expense. Finding ways to lower your premium rates doesn't always mean that you have to cut coverage, as there are ways that you can lower your premium without having to lower your coverage.

What Americans Need To Know About Driving In Canada

For Americans heading to Canada for vacation or business this season, you may be wondering what you have to know to drive safely in the provinces up north. While traffic flows on the right hand side of the road as it does in the United States, there are some things you need to know before you cross the border. 1. Bring your passport and your local driver's license. There's no need to spend extra money on an international driver's license if you're only going to visit Canada.

Three Specific Issues Your Insurer May Have With Your Old Home

You have probably heard that insurers have problems with providing coverage for old houses. This is true, but what do you think is the cause of this reluctance? The reason lies in the increased risk that such houses pose. For example, some of the specific problems that your carrier may have with your old house include: Lower-Rated Electrical Service Your old home's electrical service may not be suitable for current electrical demands.

You May Be Able To Get More Services From Your Car Insurance Company Than You Think

When you get car insurance, there are many additional options available to you besides the traditional insurance coverage. Many people do not realize that these options are very reasonably priced and can make their life much easier when an unexpected incident occurs. Use the following guide to learn about the top three additional options offered by car insurance companies that you need to consider the next time you renew your auto insurance policy.